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Fullen Dock Operational Despite Record River Levels

MEMPHIS, Tenn.—(May 12, 2011)—Fullen Dock and Warehouse, an intermodal river terminal located at Mile 740 of the Lower Mississippi River, announced that its terminal and docks are fully operational despite record river levels set in recent weeks along the Mississippi River in Memphis. According to the National Weather Service‚Äôs temporary Memphis gauge, the river peaked at 47.87 feet in the early morning hours of May 10. While the water is scheduled to begin receding, it could be weeks until river levels return to normal.

"While we've never experienced river levels of this magnitude, we're fully equipped to adapt to the rising water," said Lanny Chalk, Fullen Dock and Warehouse terminal manager. "The company's founders built our facilities well above the 100 year flood plain and we invested in the necessary equipment to keep us operational for our customers. Currently, we have three fully functional docks, as well as a reserve dock, that can handle levels of minus ten feet to plus 48 feet on the Memphis river gauge."

In addition to its docking services, the company operates a Fullen Stone division, which recently served as a key supplier of fill sand used in sandbags to prevent and help mitigate damage caused from the rising river levels in and around the region. Fullen Stone also supplies limestone roadbase, concrete aggregate, rip rap and agricultural limestone.

"We want people to know that despite the recent flooding issues affecting the Midsouth, we're open and ready for business," said Marvin Frick, Fullen Dock's general manager. "While we hope that this is the highest river level we'll see, we're fully prepared to assist customers seeking aggregate or dock services in Memphis."

Fullen Dock and Warehouse is a full–service intermodal river terminal and warehousing facility located at Mile 740 of the lower Mississippi River, immediately north of Downtown Memphis. Fullen Dock clients include barge brokers, freight forwarders, and manufacturers requiring barge services, harbor and tug services, transshipment, trucking and storage within the Mid-South (Memphis, Tenn.) and to other continental U.S. regions. Founded in 1979 in Memphis, "America's Distribution Center," Fullen is located near the junction of I-40 and I-55, with open rail access to CSXT, Burlington Northern, Union Pacific and Norfolk Southern. For more information on Fullen Dock and Warehouse, visit www.fullendock.com or call 800-467-7104.